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At JDog's PKKA one of our sayings is “To Be the Best Come Train with the Best!"

At Peoples Kenpo Karate, we are an association that will provide benefits for an entire family. Our Family Martial Arts Studio start off Kids as young as 4. We demand a great variety of discipline and humbleness in our Karate for Kids classes that includes being respectful to parents and encourage academic excellence.

Our philosophy at JDog's PKKA is to create a culture of life excellence for our students. Superior performance is recognized. Kids learn rapidly that forward progress and rewards result of good old hard work and gritty determination. We guide students to be goal oriented and to maintain healthy and steady training habits.

Our style is Kenpo Karate, meaning empty hand. Our curriculum is documented as far back as 500 B.C. This art is a form of hand to hand combat. Through the years and through different masters our style has evolved. Our Grand Master Sensei, Bill Ryusaki is from Japan but lives in Hawaii. He has a black belt in Kajukembo, Judo, and Jujitsu. My instructor Sensei Cecil Peoples taught kick boxing and Kenpo Karate. Here at JDog's PKKA we teach a little bit of everything including Jijitsu, Kickboxing, Street Fighting, Tae Kwon Do and Judo although our main focus is Kenpo.

So whether man, woman, or child, at JDog's PKKA we offer excellent classes for everyone. Karate Classes, Self Defense Classes, and Karate Martial Arts Classes for Kids. Call us today and be trained by our world class instructors.

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  • Great Martial Arts Training
  • Classes for a Variety of Styles
  • Training Available for Kids and Adults
  • Come train with World Champion Instructors


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